Pastor J is available for preaching engagements and seminars. Pastor J has a B.A. in Ministerial Theology from Oakwood College and is currently working on a Masters of Divinity at Liberty Theological Seminary. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Army and brings a wealth of life experience to the table. Pastor J has a special burden for youth.


Below are some of the offered seminars:


Lets Talk About Hip Hop is a free seminar that is designed to education parents and leaders about the Hip Hop culture and how we as Christians can and should relate to it so that we can win souls and keep our young people in the church. It also helps to educate the youth on an alternative to the negative music that is on secular radio and TV stations.


Who You Representin? challenges youth and adults alike on how those claiming to be Christians dress and act. This seminar and discussion offer biblical insight on appearance and actions.


Musical Diet provides a practical approach to filtering the media intake for the Christian. By breaking down entertainment choices into four "food groups" and giving key indicators of how to categorize each one.


Essentials of Ministry and Business Promotion is designed to help churches, artists, and businesses understand the tools necessary to reach the masses in the 21st century.  Some of the topics covered include: Branding, Social Media Tools, Websites, Digital Payments, Promotional Media.  This seminar will be available for live streaming and in-person presentations.


Pastor J is also available for youth programs/conferences, evangelistic efforts, and various other programs dealing with youth and urban outreach.

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